Books Nine & Ten

9/24 Book Reflection
Armada by Ernest Cline
Armada is okay. Like, exactly okay. The book feels about as well driven as a bumper car. I didn’t *not* enjoy it. The best part about the book though was reading along with the 372 pages podcast. It was a tragically good time. I really like this sort of book club with the MST3K/rifftrax feel. I really don’t have much to say about the book because I was only reading it to listen to the podcast in context. The little I have to say is not good. Armada is problematic. Women are plot tools, not individuals, but go ahead and read it if you’re into bubblegum fiction and absolutely listen to the 372 Pages podcast.

10/24 Book Reflection
The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline (Métis)
I was introduced to this world with thoughts of loss. Loss of family, rights, history, language, and culture. Visions of residential schools appear. The thing that my grandma told me of how she was treated when she was young. The importance of culture she tried to impress upon me. Generational PTSD, the sort that parents and grandparents accidentally teach children when the teach their history. Be careful, be on guard, watch for the signs of loss to come. I finished this book sitting in a coffee shop in Japan, crying. Reading this book is a study in what I left behind, the opportunity to more easily learn about my history, and the efforts I need to make to keep this history and culture alive for myself while living where and how I choose. I have the freedom to choose. I have the freedom to study and if there is a language I should study, it should be my own. Keep your dreams, share your dreams, read this book.

Japan Stuff!

I wore yukatas and went to festivals. It was awesome.
It’s summer break and I don’t have the money to do any fun travelling. I really wanted to drive to Tokyo, but I shouldn’t/can’t cause it would put a huge strain on my bank account. It’s okay though because there’s plenty of festivals nearby that I can visit. I also plan on doing some local exploring to see what there is in my area.  This summer won’t be wasted for sure. I looked up a list of festivals in my prefecture and I have a list of seven possibilities that I can attend! I’m pretty dang excited. I’ve also managed to play A LOT of Skyrim and I’ve gotten a fair bit of reading done too! I’m going to start on the next parts of my reading list. This is gonna be such a good summer; reading, gaming and TV. Oh, I got a region free dvd player so now I can finally watch all my DVDs!
My feelings have been pretty rocky lately, but I’m figuring things out. I’ve been in Japan for almost 5 months now, so it’s totally fine and normal that I feel a isolated at times. I’ve picked up some Japanese, but I could be doing better. I’ve started cooking more and that’s been a positive thing. I need to find more positive things to do and then consistently do them. I have a problem with consistency with things that make me happy. I’ll work on it though. I *really* need to start exercising. I have an exercise plan, I just haven’t done it cause getting out of bed is difficult.
School is starting in about two weeks and I’m kinda freaking out. It’s my second year of my program. I’m really excited for what I’m going to learn, but mostly I’m super worried because I haven’t gotten my financial aid information from my school yet. I’ve sent emails, but it looks like I’ll have to make a call. I’m going to wait until Friday (my Friday night, US Friday morning) though to give them a little more time to respond to my emails. Being an adult is super frustrating, so I’m going to have some lunch and disappear into some video game or book.
Kay, bye.

My Library:
Currently Reading: Rice Mother by Rani Manicka; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling; Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata; The Lesser Blessed by Richard Van Camp
Currently Playing: Elder Scrolls Skyrim/Switch; Bayonetta/Switch Stardew; Valley/Switch; Stella Glow/3DS; Detective Pikachu/3DS
Coming Up!
Reading List: Artemis, Tokyo Ghoul, Words on Bathroom Walls, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life
Playing List: Wonderboy, Bayonetta 2, Skyrim, LoZ A Link Between Worlds, Culdcept Revolt

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